Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CBII Book 1: The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman - (The Good One)

The name of my book is The Graveyard Book. It is about a boy named Bod who grows up in a greveyardbecause his parents got killed by someone named the Man Jack who is actually Mr. Frost. Bod learns how to faid haunt and dream walk. His guardian is Silas. Silas brings Bod his food and clothes. Bod learns the ways of the graveyard by being taught by the ghosts.

My favourite character is Liza Hemstock. She is a ghost witch. I like her because she is a witch and is magical. She died by the villiagers in her town. She wouldn't say she was a witch but the villiagers wanted proof so they dumped her in the pond and if she didn't hold her breath she was a witch. She held her breath because she didn't want to let tham know. But they they still wanted proof but would rather be safe and they burnt her alive but right before they she cursed them and a couple of days later the plague came and most of the villagers died and the curse came true.

The main characters are Bod (short for Nobody Owens) Silas (Bod's guardian) and Jack Frost who is of the Man Jack race. Jack Frost and the other Man Jacks want to kill Bod becuase they know that if Bod was to grow up he would rid the world of the Man Jack race. The Man Jack race are people who kill to find Bod.


  1. Genius child. That made more sense than many of your posts, D.

    How much for the girl? How much for your daughters!? I must have them.

  2. that WAS a good review!

    at first, i was mad because i was going to read it, but now i just want to read it more!

  3. Lovely! I will give it a read based on this review.

  4. Nice! I'm seeing a family theme to your zombieness though...

  5. Good job, *The Good One*! I'm even more excited to read this book now, it sounds good!

  6. I haven't read any Neil Gaiman books yet, but I'll pick this one up for sure!
    Excellent review.