Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CBII: Medicated Ointment Edition: Book 3 - Day By Day Armageddon - J.L. Bourne

What's really interesting about this book is that its essentially an edited version of a web series that Mr. Bourne wrote detailing the day by day struggles of the protagonist in a zombie infested world. I think that the web series worked especially well because the book is written in diary form and therefore lends itself to sometimes short, daily entries and mild cliffhangers. The translation to book form worked decently  as all you have to do is take all the entries and put covers on both sides. Day By Day Armageddon is a light read as its a breezy 200 pages but if your looking for somthing revelatory, this isn't the place you'll find it.

Our hero is nameless as the story is written entirely in the first person (as it should be) so I will hereforth refer to him as Billy Bob. Billy Bob is a Navy Pilot who is stationed at a base in San Antonio, Texas and is pretty much your standard military type. He's also moved around a lot, hasn't made any close friends and does his duty. Then things start happening in China (why always China? /rhetorical question). People start to get sick with a strange disease which has piqued the curiosity of the American Government and Military so they decide to send "help". Of course some of the Americans are infected and brought home for treatment and study and the chain reaction begins. Billy Bob is immediately suspisious upon hearing of this disease and starts preparing for the worst. He buys supplies, fortifies his house and ignores the perceived saftey of his military base. Quickly things get out of control and the news media begins reporting on the sick people roaming the streets attacking anyone within  snacking distance. Billy Bob is all alone in his house/bunker to face the horror of the undead.

I don't know anything about Bourne, or if he has other works, but his writing style is very simple. The description of the physical appearance of people, places and events isn't very deep and it's sometimes difficult to get a clear picture of what he is trying to convey. The story is nothing new and doesn't add to the zombie cannon as much as take what is already known and been done and rehash it within a different context. There was one delighful surprise that I've never read in any other zombie fiction (I will admit that my experience is limited) which deals with the American reaction to the hoards that I really did enjoy. I didn't feel any of the terror or helplessness that the characters in the book did and I certainly didn't have any "oh, my god" moments. Nonetheless Day By Day Armageddon is an fun little read, if you're not looking for anything new, and have a few hours to kill with some zombie fluff.


  1. Well written sir. And I now think I see a niche market out there for zombie material. Think 'True Blood' meets 'Dawn of the Dead'. Now, how do we make the zombies sexy enough for mainstream t.v.?

  2. stop reading so damned fast! i'm trying to keep up, but you keep out-flanking me!

    it's going to come down to such a close race as it is.
    we'll have to organize a beat-off to determine the winner. (as if there are any losers in a beat-off.)

  3. I love zombie fluff! And I really enjoy books written in diary entry form. It makes for an easy breezy read. I may have to pick this one up!

    To xtreme~ I don't think there's anyway to make zombies sexy. Sorry!

    Oh and I love the line "attacking anyone within snacking distance".

    still giggling,

  4. Zombie Fluff has always been appealing to me, so, sure, I'll be on this one like a... a... OH! Like a Zombie on a fat 12 year old!

  5. You trying to do 52 books in 52 days?

  6. Yeah, WHY is it always China? Didn't the zombie plague in World War Z start off there? Or maybe it was another Asian country... can't recall.

    I think I'll be checking our library for this one.