Friday, December 11, 2009


I've listened to some of the whole "Tiger Woods is banging hot chicks outside the confines of his legally binding marriage to a hot Swedish super model" uproar but, honestly, I'm more concerned whether with whether I hang to the left or the right today. So why am I weighing in? One simple fucking reason.

On my way to work this morning I was listening to the radio as the DJ's were lambasting one of the women (I guarantee there is more than one) that Tiger had an affair with. This is the woman who released the voice-mail message of him asking her to take her name off of her phone and then, subsequently had a press conference to tell everybody how sorry she was. The DJ's were ripping her to shreds for riding the chocolaty pitching wedge of a married man and then trying to make a buck or get some publicity out of it. Really? It's her fault Tiger was pitching out of her bunker?

Let's get a couple of things straight. Morally, I find it reprehensible that she's trying to make some money out of this situation. A family is hurt and her attempts at profiting from it will only serve as a reminder to Tigers wife of what occurred. Furthermore, there are children involved and the last thing that they need to know is that daddy didn't love mommy enough to hold the tournament at home and try for a threepeat. It's for this reason and this reason alone that I have any problem with this woman at all. She's out for money. Period. She was out for a dark meat sammich but that birdie eventually got back on the green.

Now we are starting to see the poor, stupid women starting to be dragged through the mud because Tiger wanted some strange. How could they possibly refuse? It's Tiger Woods! His young, handsome, famous and has enough money to wipe out America's deficit single-handedly. Motherfucker, please! Stop insulting these ladies as if they were fourteen-year-old high school girls who got caught giving the quarterback an awkward hand-job under the bleachers. These women knew exactly what they were doing. The trick is that they didn't do anything wrong. They fucked a married man and, while that may be objectionable, if the man was willing why wouldn't they. I've never been able to understand why people get so angry at the third party in an affair. They aren't cheating, they didn't force the adulterous spouse into bed and they're well within their rights to spelunk  anyone they choose. I'm sure in most instances they don't look at a person and say to themselves "He looks married, I think I'll make him plumb my dirty depths". Do you really think that most trysts say to their secret bunk buddies "But your married so I can't?" Hells no, nor should they. All and I mean all of the blame here resides with one person. Tiger.

Myself, I hold that marital trust sacred. I've never cheated on my wife nor any of the girlfriends I've ever had. Saying that, I have been on the other side wherein I was the third party in the mix. Never with a married woman (that I know of) but they have been in long term relationships. Did I feel bad? Nope. I didn't make a commitment to your significant other, you did. If you're with me then perhaps something was wrong with you or your relationship where you had to look outside for your pleasure/companionship. But, regardless of whether your husband/wife is a bitch or physically and emotionally distant, cheating is not an option in my books. End it first.

What really pisses me off is that thousands of spouses cheat on each other every fucking day. Sometimes this is mutually agreed upon by both partners and, in that case, get your freak on but in most cases one party is not privy to this information. But now someone famous has done it! Big fucking deal! Dude is probably the most famous person in the world. Of course he's going to have trim thrown at him from every direction. It's his responsibility to ignore it and remember what he's got at home. At the end of the day, Tigers going to get out of this with minimal tarnish. None of his sponsers will drop him, the PGA wouldn't dream of censuring him in any form and now he's a hero to a bunch of douches for pulling some ass on the side. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the PGA should do anything about this situation, it's none of their business. What's unfortunate is that this silly girl with all her chatter is drawing attention and criticism away from the real issue. The illegal harvesing of Tiger penis.

/end rant


  1. I have the same complaints, but mostly it's simply amplified by the whole 'celebrity' issues. For example, if the po-po found my Sienna wrapped around a fire hydrant at 2:30am on a Saturday, they would come to my front door. And when I said, "Sorry guys, kinda down right now, come back Monday" they would say something like "bam, pow, thwack" right before they unloaded with the pepper spray and threw me in the back of a black and white.

    Fuck Celebrities.

  2. I'm in full agreement. Xtreme is correctly stating that Tiger gets the "Celebrity Pass" and THAT is bad enough.
    Management, you're also correct in stating that the blame goes solely on Eldrick's shoulders. I have no sympathy for him or for amy of the women he schtupped. They are all grown-ups who tried to juggle fire and the attendant bonfire is what resulted.
    Will I watch Tiger play golf? Damn betcha. He's the best there's ever been and I would again pay to see him on the course.
    As for his personal life... I could actually not care less.

  3. I gotta draw the 'don't give a rodent's arse about Tiger and his inability to be faithful' card.

    Every sentiment regarding the sanctity of marriage - I agree, loudly ... and as to who should carry blame, agree.

    Do I want to hear about it ever again ... nuh-uh. Meh stupid celebrity.

  4. First...where did you get that graphic?? I love it!!

    Second...I don't agree about the blame. Yes, cheating spouse deserves lots of blame. Broken vows, betrayed trust, ect. Ultimately responsibility rests on their shoulders. But c'mon. I'm not letting the bad girls off scott free. If you have sex with someone you know is should be ashamed. It's like tresspassing. Maybe not a felony, but still not right. You know that somewhere there's someone thinking this dude belongs to her and you are poaching. Get your own!!! I'm just saying...if I catch my hubby cheating I'm going after the both of them with both barrels blazing. And if I catch you trying to poach, even if he shuts you down, you better watch your back, because I will get even.

    Just my humble opinion.