Monday, January 11, 2010

CBII: Book 9 - The Ghost King - R.A. Salvatore

The Ghost King is Salvatore's third entry in the series that he's titled Transitions. It's passably writtten, holds no surprises, and is exactly what you've come to expect. Generally, if you're a Salvatore fan, this won't be an issue for you. For me, however, I'm getting exhausted about reading about the same characters and the same story but set in a different place (kind of, but not really). I've read all of Salvatore's books but alas I think this will be the last (with one exception). Everything has become so damned recycled to me that I just don't think that he can do anything more with the regular characters nor those that he pulls from adventures that happened in the years prior.

Indeed, if you've read the preceeding adventures of Drizzt Do'Urden, this installment will strike a familiar chord. Just for shits and giggles, I'm going to give you a synopsis of the story but I'll leave blanks in place of all the key plot points. Fill in the blanks as you see fit and let's see if it seems like you've read this before. Ok? Money.

Our story begins with the evil BLANK who everybody thought was dead. BLANK proposed an alliance with BLANK in order to seek revenge upon those who banished BLANK and supposedly destroyed BLANK. The unsettleing thing, though, is that they consumate this unholy undead union by using The BLANKY BLANK.

Meanwhile, Drizzt and BLANK are enjoying some time in the wilderness around BLANK when BLANK is suddenly struck down by a strange magical force that renders him/here in a state of delerium. Drizzt quickly returns to BLANK with BLANK for help. After many unsuccessful attempts at helping BLANK, BLANK finally tries some magic and is immediately struck by the same affliction as BLANK. Drizzt is at a loss as to what to do when a strange dwarf appears and suggests that he take BLANK to see BLANK who may be able to render aid. Drizzt and BLANK immediately set out with BLANK to BLANK'S to try to save BLANK. Upon the road, they meet the strange dwarf who is, of course, BLANK. Indeed though, BLANK is not alone as he is travelling with BLANK: Drizzt's mortal enemy. Together they travel to BLANK'S facing danger from BLANKS and BLANKS and epecially BLANKS in the hopes that BLANK can save their freind.

Yep, fill in the BLANK. It was a fun ride, Mr. Salvatore, but I think I've outgrown you. If you're an obsessive Salvatore fan, by all means read The Ghost King. But don't be surprised when you're not surprised.


  1. It seems to have been a bad week for tried and true authors. I could take or leave Salvatore, but he is a favourite of the hubby's. He'll be disappointed, I'm sure.

    Fun review, by the way!

  2. I'm probably going to offend you and Sprite's husband by saying this, but I've never read an R.A Salvatore book. But on my shelves, I have the dark elf trilogy and the Icewind dale trilogy, still in their original packaging.
    In my defence, they were given to me by an ex, back before I understood the true definition of 'nice guy' and I've never been sure if the books are worth all the creepy associations.

    So, are they worth it?

  3. I've read some R.A. in the past, but formulaic writing annoys me in the worst way. I prefer epic series style to standalone/trilogy sets.

    But hey, I'm pissy that way.

  4. Illithids and Crystal Shards and Dracoliches, oh my!

    So really, that's the story?


    An illithid/Crystal Shard/dragon hybrid-monster?

    Jesus Christ.

    Let me guess, Drizzt manages to kill the evil creature while only sustaining slight wounds to himself, the end.

  5. I should also note that I AM GOING TO READ THIS BOOK LIKE RIGHT AWAY.

    I love Drizzt. Love love love looooove lurrrrrve him. Because I'm a nerd.

    I don't care how invulnerable he is. I don't care how unstoppable he is. I've loved him since the moment I picked up the first Dark Elf trilogy book when I was a kid. I OWN AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF THE DARK ELF TRILOGY. I actually met Salvatore.

    God I'm pathetic sometimes.


  6. So I've never read Salvatore and after this review probably never will. And is it just me or does the plot sound kind of like The Wizard of Oz??