Friday, November 27, 2009

What The Fuck, Somebody Actually Reads This Thing?

Alright, in the interest of giving props where props are due I'ma gonna recognize some of my favorite bitches and send a thank you for some recognition.

A delicious little dish named Eyvi Sprite (check it) bestowed this lovely .jpg upon me for which I'm eternally grateful. Then the bitch tells me that I have to tell you seven things you may not know. Fine.

1. - I'm adopted. Twice. By the same extended family. But that is for another day.

2.  - If I would have decided to date the easy lay, I wouldn't be married for ten years now and have the awesomeness that is the Jacq. I remember the exact second I decided which way to go. Quality over quantity, always.

3. - I was always either the or close to smallest kid in the class. Both in height and weight up until grade ten. I'm still short but I will fuck you up.

4. - I have lived in Saskatchewan all my life but always wanted to be a Marine Biologist (for those of you unfamiliar with Saskatchewan, the nearest ocean is on the Mars).

5. - At Thirty-two years of age, I have never broken a bone, never had surgery and only had about seven stitches on three different occasions. How I managed, I don't know as I certainly wasn't a cautious child.

6. - I have had three different professions. I was a cook, a hair stylist and now, I'm the gubment.

7. - I'm entirely too nice in person.

Ok, so maybe one of those is a lie. I hope you're satisfied Eyvi, that was entirely too much thought.

Then the lovely Miss Danica Dragonfly, who may or may not be a female version of me, gifted me this little tidbit.

Thanks a million Dani. I'm glad that my hateful rantings bring a little entertainment to your day. I have to say though, I'm not feeling the apron. That's it, I'm done. I'm not about to pass this around as all y'all know you motherfuckers are the shit. I wouldn't read it otherwise.

StabbyMart: Accepting Arbitrary Internet Awards Cause We're Whores.


  1. You gotta admit - it gets you writing ... which is my reason for living and breathing ... mission accomplished.

    Okay ... now you are just freakin' me out. I, too was a hair stylist ... I shit you naught!

    Hmmm - Doran is Dani's doppelganger ... bely interestink.

    Holy CARP!!! My word verification was sessees ... do do do do do...

  2. Awww, you wanted to be a biologist? Dude, that's awesome! (but yeah, "marine" and "Saskatchewan" do not go hand in hand...)

  3. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy 'cause you called me a Delicious little dish and then I continued reading and you called me a bitch. But it's too late, the warm and fuzzy wins out. And yes, I am satisified. Thankyouverymuch!

  4. I'm also adopted (though only once), also by my extended family. CraaAAAAaazy.

  5. #6 has me LingOL.

    also I LOVE MRS. ADMIN!!!

  6. Well I very much enjoyed the 7 tidbits. Can't imagine which one isn't true. *snort*


  7. * sigh*...let me see if I have this correct... you can can do hair......and now you work for the guberment and can get the cat prints off my car window......with a stapler! *swoons*
    You had me at had cook!